- Hey all wonderful starseeds who follow me!

The Twisted Root is back (in black!). We have dropped the “THE” & I have dropped the “WE” and I am taking this lovely project on by myself with the help of my own personal geologist & lover, Drubie 

We are currently based out of the foothills of North Carolina; at the base of the Appalachian Chain. We have all new products and have some up and coming festivals in the next 3-6 months.

If you live in North Carolina, be sure to check us out when these festivals come around. It is still too early to sign up for the two festivals in November, but the date is coming up soon so we are rocking out wraps.

Check back at for updates!

Also, for you funky vintage loving cats, I am in the process of collecting beautiful oddities and various vintage treasures to share with the world.

If you dig the Earth and all the fun, funky and fantastic treasures she has to offer, then I suggest you click on the link above & keep checking back regularly as Twisted Root rises from the ashes!

Happy August!

- Bea